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SINOPHARM ZHIJUN was established in 1985. During these 30 years’meticulous operation, SINOPHARM ZHIJUN has become a quality-benefit and technology-knowledge national high-tech enterprise. Furthermore, it has been rated as China's pharmaceutical industry overall strength hundred enterprises for many years. SINOPHARM ZHIJUN is composed of SINOPHARM ZHIJUN (SHENZHEN) GUANLAN, SINOPHARM ZHIJUN (SHENZHEN) PINGSHAN two production bases and SHENZHEN ZHIJUN TRADING, they are responsible for the research and development, production and sales of the anti-infective agents, respiratory drugs, health care products and Chinese patent medicine.

SINOPHARM ZHIJUN (SHENZHEN) GUANLAN located in the export-oriented professional cephalosporin production base and the domestic high-end pharmaceutical production base. It has already received a number of international high standard certifications, such as the EU certifications of the powder for injection and oral solid, WHO PQ certification. Another, SINOPHARM ZHIJUN (SHENZHEN) PINGSHAN located in non-cephalosporin and non-penicilin medicine, Chinese traditional medicine and OEM services production base. It has been preparing for EU certification.

Looking to the future, SINOPHARM ZHIJUN will integrate R & D and marketing with technology innovation as the guideline and focus on the areas of anti-infection, respiratory system, digestive system, heart and cerebral vessels, OTC and health care products, always adhere to customer-centric and be a quality leading enterprise, continue to provide quality products and services, build SINOPHARM ZHIJUN to the grand brand.

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