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By many years of technical innovation and product development, the R&D center makes a number of achievements in the area of scientific research, owns many national pioneering techniques, and got 35 effective PCT patents and domestic patents. Besides, Zhijun’s products also won many honors. For instances, Dalixin is honored with national level new product, Shenzhen science and technology progress award, Chinese pharmaceutical product grand with the best growth (2017). Digen sustained released tablet is honored with national level new product and Shenzhen patent award etc.

Through continuous innovation in research and development, and constantly introduction and development of new products and new technologies, Zhijun has reached the leading level in the field of pharmaceutical preparations and established technology platforms for three pharmaceutical preparations:

1)Solid preparation Industrialized platform: The use of the powder direct tabletting technology and fluidized granulating technology simplifies the production process, shortens the production time, improves the products’ stability and reduces the cost.

2)Drug taste masking technology platform: Resin exchange technique, melt spray congealing and other technologies are used to mask the bitter taste and improve the drug compliance.

3)Sustained-release preparation technology platform: According to the characteristic of the drug product, the slow-release preparation technology, e.g. the sustained-release pellet technology and sustained-release tablet technology, are used in the manufacturing process to reduce the dosing frequency and improve the drug compliance.

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